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Lonestar Gear & Hydraulic is your trusted source for high-quality hydraulic cylinder repair in Houston. From repairs to replacements, we offer comprehensive services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your cylinders. Our experienced technicians are skilled in working with various cylinder types and brands, providing reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.
There are many issues that can lead to hydraulic component malfunctions that will cause major disruptions in your daily operations. Damage to the piston or piston rod, leakage from the cap or head, or failure of sliding rings and seals are common culprits. Plus immense pressure within the system can exacerbate these issues, leading to hydraulic failure.
Hydraulic cylinder troubles can often grind and bring your company operations to a screaching halt. When this happens the best thing to do is call Kevin at Lonestar Gear Box & Hydraulic Cylinder Repair for expert solutions tailored to any gear box, hammer and breaker repair service.
Regardless of the issue behind hydraulic cylinder failure, calling a mobile hydraulic cylinder repair expert to promptly check out your cylinders are essential to resuming operations quickly.. Contact Lonestar Gear & Hydraulic LLC, where our skilled technicians will come quickly to your location and diagnose the problem on-site in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas and will perform the necessary repairs.
Our priority is safety, especially when working with heavy equipment under high torque and force. You can count on our experienced hydraulic cylinder professionals for rapid and reliable cylinder repair services.
Lonestar Gear & Hydraulic LLC is equipped to handle any on-site hydraulic repairs in Houston, TX, and we can quickly and address most issues to minimize downtime and get you up and running again
We specialize in cylinder repairs and offer comprehensive hydraulic system repair services. Our mobile repair shop carries the necessary parts, ensuring minimal delays. We offer regular service and maintenance programs to help identify and resolve any potential issues that may lead to future breakdowns.
In need of custom hydraulic parts? Our in-house design engineers collaborate with you to create bespoke components tailored to your equipment's specifications. We aim to provide comprehensive hydraulic services, encompassing repairs, maintenance, and custom builds.
From cracked cylinders to leaks and cavitation issues, we diagnose and remediate problems quickly using proven OEM parts to restore functionality to your hydrualic system. Rest assured, our repairs adhere to OEM standards, ensuring thorough testing and restoration of your cylinders' functionality. Trust Lonestar Gear Box & Hydraulic Cylinder Repair for reliable, OEM-standard repairs.


Contact the expert team at Lonestar Gear & Hydraulic today at 832-745-6465 and let us get you back up and running. 


We’re equipped to provide on-site repair in Houston, TX

At Lonestar Gear & Hydraulic, our team of hydraulic cylinder specialists has years of experience in repairing and remanufacturing cylinders. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible and can repair or design custom cylinders, including obsolete ones. Our expertise includes repairing all types of cylinders, such as press, telescopic, marine, and more.

No matter the problem, no matter the application, we promise results.


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